Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, the African Studies Gallery strives to stimulate critical thinking and to challenge viewers conventional understanding of Africa as a cultural entity. Through exhibitions and cultural events we seek to mediate African art to the general public, hoping to access the continent's rich and divers heritages.

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May 12th - July 4th

Vodou Flags

The African Studies Gallery in collaboration with Kuchinate – The African Refugee Women's Collective are pleased to announce Vodou Flags a new group exhibition of 25 Vodou flags from Haiti, created by leading Vodou artists, alongside works created by the Kuchinate women for the exhibition, under the guidence of Vodou flag artist Madam Moreau. The exhibition focuses on a key feature of the art that accompanies the Vodou rituals: flags used to summon spirits, made in mixed techniques such as embroidery, bead weaving and sequins.

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