Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, the African Studies Gallery strives to stimulate critical thinking and to challenge viewers conventional understanding of Africa as a cultural entity. Through exhibitions and cultural events we seek to mediate African art to the general public, hoping to access the continent's rich and divers heritages.

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1 July - 31 October 2018


Sadikou Oukpedjo (Togo) and Sharon Pazner (Israel) met in the International Ceramics Symposium at the Umm al-Fahm Art Gallery. During a week-long work process, it seemed that the French language was the artists' only common ground. A black man vs. a white woman; creative drama vs. stoic calmness; an artist working confidently in large scales vs. an artist who probes and prods, carefully examining her materials in an miniature proportions. But in their unique way, both artists perform an impossible synthesis: Pazner in her material choices of ceramics and concrete, and Oukpedjo in his thematic hybrids of human and animal. The process of hybridization culminates in the drama of the encounter, which rejects idealized notions of Beauty and Harmony. Instead, Oukpedjo and Pazner are engaged in a continuous search for deeper, ancient and eternal truths.

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